• Capacity building trainings for youth and women groups,
  • Development of a Sports policy,
  • Empower 70% of the population of the youth to secure jobs and 30% to become entrepreneurs,
  • Establish a committee to vet youth proposals to be considered for funding,
  • Hold sub county youth consultative forums,
  • Formation of Youth and Women Co-operatives.



  • — Establish  well equipped Youth Centers in all the 6 constituencies,
  • — Create more jobs for the youth through garbage collection and KIE training in artisan skills,
  • — To introduce the youth to labor market by virtue of the skills they have (both able and disabled),
  • — To conduct an annual business plan competition,
  • — Job matching by engaging the corporate, learning institutions and the youth.
  • — Phase II Renovations of the County Stadium and rehabilitation of the Tononoka Social Hall.
  • — Reconstruction of the perimeter wall at Alms House, to separate the youth and elderly people.
  • — Rehabilitation of the Majengo Social Hall and repair of the Majengo boxing ring. Other social halls to be renovated include; Changamwe and Kongowea. Including; Construction of basketball courts in Likoni and Frere Town, and establishing a football pitch in Changamwe.
  • — Development of a sports policy.



  • High expectations from the youth.
  • High population of the youth vis-a-viz job market absorption.
  • Inadequate and deplorable facilities e.g social halls and sports grounds.
  • Financial constraints to set up youth resource centers.
  • Inadequate capacity of service providing e.g sign language interpreters.


Access to quality education and health services

  • — Building decision-making skills.
  • — Provide targeted programs that help young people recover.
  • — from missed opportunities through remedial education.
  • — retraining & rehabilitation to give them hope and the incentive to catch up from bad luck or bad choices made.



  • — Education and Training.
  1. Basic Education – formal school training and education for school levers,
  2. TVET – post formal school training and education for employment outcomes,
  3. Life skills – artisan training in youth polytechnics,
  • — Job Creation.
  1. Promote SMEs,
  2. Provide funds to expand job opportunities,
  3. Entrepreneurship support .
  1. Talent development in sports and art,
  • —Policy
  1. Macro Economic Policy – Enhance national competitiveness and creates favorable environment for business and investors,
  2. Active Labor Market Policy – smooth interaction between supply and demand in labor market by enacting policies to reduce unemployment and increase workers earning capacity,
  3. Promotion of Youth Policy and Institutions – support youth empowerment and representation in national policies and social agendas.


  1. Community Development,
  2. Conducting Civic Education and Sensitization Forums,
  3. Counseling Programs.